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Hello & thank you for visiting my page!

I am a Polish artist living in NYC. The nature of my work can best be described as spiritually based but unconcerned with any notion of fixed concept. Neither based in the abstract nor in reality, but a bridge in between. A complete abandon of trend & cultural paradigms, and a return to a deep and profoundly personal and primal resonance within me. I am guided by a feeling that breathes and lives both within, and, outside myself, simultaneously at any interchangeable moment. My artwork is alive. What comes onto paper is both within my control, and up to higher power which guides me. This is quantum artistry of which is still developing its name in the underground artist community. Abstract spiritualism & interpressionism are among other names of birthing art movements that can be associated with my work. I hope to move something within you.

The majority of my work is in private inventory & can be shown to serious inquiries upon req. Thank you
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