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play60 (703)- Évaluation laissée par l'acheteur (play60 (703)).
  • Dernier mois
Great Ebayer. Thank you!
play60 (703)- Évaluation laissée par l'acheteur (play60 (703)).
  • Dernier mois
Great Ebayer. Thank you!
k***d (235)- Évaluation laissée par l'acheteur (k***d (235)).
  • Dernier mois
Product arrived quick and as described.
roes-93 (916)- Évaluation laissée par l'acheteur (roes-93 (916)).
  • Dernier mois
Thank you for an easy, pleasant transaction. Excellent buyer. A++++++.
patrquin_70 (146)- Évaluation laissée par l'acheteur (patrquin_70 (146)).
  • Dernier mois
Good experience, great customer
e***l (90)- Évaluation laissée par l'acheteur (e***l (90)).
  • Dernier mois
Item received was as described. Problem was the shipping. Item was listed as "Free Shipping". When I went to post office, I had to pay $6.10 to get product. Item was shipped paid.....but described as "Media". Which must have a nice discount on shipping cost. Post office knew this wasn't a 'Media' product and I had to pay the Post Due. Sent seller copy of receipt where I paid the remaining postage. Seller just came back with reply, "It was free shipping". Fraudulent shipping practice.
Avis (140)
15 sept. 2006
When a Stranger Calls
This was an okay movie and not quite what I expected it to be(which was kind of nice). Unfortunately, in my opinion, the same elements that make it interesting, also make it a bit mundane. Let me explain, the majority of the film takes place in the SAME EXACT location (i.e. babysitting house) with the SAME EXACT character (i.e. the babysitter). Throughout the movie it is the same thing- babysitter gets a prank phone call, babysitter freaks out, every little noise and sound freaks out the babysitter, then the noise/sound turns out to be nothing (or so she thinks) and over and over. I started to wonder if something sinister was actually happening, or if it was all in the babysitter's head. Let's face it, everyone of us has gotten a prank phone call at some point, or has been startled by a noise and it turns out to be nothing. This type of repetition made the entire movie very tense, which was rather tiring after the first hour. Then the climax of the show- where everything is resolved- takes place in the last 5 minutes- literally. This would be a GREAT movie for an all girls sleep over, where imaginations can run wild but in my opinion there is really no reason to watch it more than once (twice tops). It's just not worth the effort to get to the end...
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01 oct. 2007
Ellen's diary a haunting read...
I LOVE the premise of this book. If you are crazy for haunted house stories chances are that you will love it too. Although I give you fair warning that the book contains many sexual overtones. If this is something that makes you uncomfortable, you will probably not be able to enjoy the storyline. Set in the early 1900's a young and naive Ellen falls in love with and marries a much older and very powerful oil tycoon, named John. However, soon after thier marriage her feelings of love and admiration for him turn into love/hate, as she discovers numerous marital indiscretions and that he has an unsatiable and depraved sexual appetite. She wants his love and attention, yet it is always just out of her reach. She also begins to feel ashamed by her own feelings of sexuality- feelings that being with John bring out in her... Then strange things begin to happen. It begins when one of John's mistresses disappears in her house (which she has affectionately named, Rose Red). At first she believes that the house is acting as her allay- to punish those who have betrayed her. But later she realizes that the power that lies in the house is much deeper and darker than she could ever have imagined... If you like this book I highly recommend following it up with Steven King's movie adaptation called Rose Red. Although the main focus of the movie is the house (rather than the life of Ellen) it allows you to look at Ellen's life from a different perspective (without all of the sexual overtones)... (*NOTE that King also helped create a movie based on this book called, The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer.*)
12 sept. 2006
A really fun (and a bit more mature) spoof!
If you can appreciate a good satire (spoof)- this is the comedy for you. It is along the same lines as Scary Movie/ Date Movie, but with a more grown up storyline and characters. It pokes fun of several popular dramas from the 90's, including Fatal Attraction, Basic Instinct and Sleeping with the Enemy. However, as with other spoofs I believe this is probably only going to be funny to you if you've seen or are at least familiar with the movies that it is borrowing from- otherwise you are going to miss many of the jokes. I've watched this one about a million times and I still find it hilarious.
2 personnes sur 2 ont jugé cet avis utile.