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Don't Miss This If You Can Help It.

Funny but, this is the first Batman feature film that doesn't incorporate the word "Batman" in its title.

There never has been a more exciting time in my life when The Dark Knight showed up at the Box Office. I paid my ticket and then sat back and enjoyed the film better than ever. The reason I enjoyed this movie so much was that, before now, the Batman series of films seemed much more comic book than mimicking real life. The Dark Knight seems to somehow capture the essence that should always exist in the handover from comics to the big screen.

Christian Bale really didn't carry this film to greatness; it was The Joker (Heath Ledger) who made the film extraordinarily real in the sense that the criminal elements came together and alive on film with a burst of originality.

Bruce Wayne, who poses as a rich industrialist, sets out to dismantle the remaining criminal organizations that plague the city streets by creating his own persona known as Batman. Since we already know his intent from the last Film "Batman Begins", we pick up where the story left off in hopes that his complex plans will lead him down the road to success. Little do we know that The Joker will step into his life and thwart many of his plans to once and for all, rid Gotham City of the Low Life Scum that controls its underground.

Gotham City's District Attorney Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) has the best line in the movie, which said, "You die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become a villain."

For the first time in feature film-making, IMAX cameras were utilized. Christopher Nolan had wanted to shoot in the IMAX format for years and wound up doing so. Six major action-heavy sequences, along with various high-altitude shots, were filmed on the IMAX ratio. These sequences are available on the Bonus Disc of the 2-Disc DVD Edition.

I'll give this an average rating of 5/5.

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The Dark Knight is stunning, in every sense the word. Whether you look at the acting, the directing, the writing, or any other aspect of the movie, it's hard to find a weak point.

Nolan returns to do another incredible job at directing, and once again raises the bar for the Batman series. He creates a perfect balance between having The Dark Knight be a drama about the characters in it and an action-packed crime saga.

The acting alone is terrific. Christian Bale is a natural as Bruce Wayne, and also makes the best Batman I've seen yet, and by his side is Michael Caine, who just seems to fit perfectly as Alfred. Maggie Gyllenhaal does quite well as Rachel and Aaron Eckhart pulls off the transformation from Harvey Dent to Two-Face. Gary Oldman playing Gordon deserves an honorable mention. And then there's Heath Ledger, whose performance alone is nothing short of amazing. A few years ago most people would've said that he would be best known for and remembered by his starring role in Brokeback Mountain. Not anymore.

There's a constant internal struggle for Bruce Wayne, who does all he can to keep the difference between himself and Batman, and the difference between what is right and what has to be done. And all the while chaos reigns in the streets of Gotham, compliments of the Joker, who seems to be the one man who can bring down Batman.

All in all, there is nothing disappointing about The Dark Knight. For a movie that's two and a half hours long, there isn't a dull moment. Living up to the expectations and hype seemed impossible for it to do, but somehow The Dark Knight not only does, but surpasses it.
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Features actors: Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Michael Caine, Aaron Eckhart, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Gary Oldman & Morgan Freeman.
The battle continues between good and evil in Gotham City!Batman/Bruce Wayne is trying to get rid of the crime for good with the help of the city District Attorney Harvey Dent and police Lt.Jim Gordon.All things go very well for awhile with the crime rate down to nothing... until the mastermind The Joker then pinpoints the 3 of them in a twisted way.Bruce Wayne's girlfriend Rachel Dawes soon finds herself in the tangled web of the joker.Will Alfred give the letter from Rachel to Bruce??You have to watch this to find out.Action packed through the hole movie, will keep you guessing what The Joker's next step is or what he is planning next!Amazing actors, espically that played by the late Heath Ledger he totally transformed himself in this role!A must watch movie of the year!!Would recommend to rent & buy!!Awsome special effect in this one, be prepared to be amazed!Hope this helps you decide.Please click YES at the bottom.Thanks for taking the time to read this! :)Lire l'avis complet...


The dark knight

Great movie! Great condition as well!

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Great movie

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I loved it!!!!!!!!!

I loved it. Thank you very much! The movie is excellent, Heath Ledger absolutelly deserved Oscar for role of Joker.


Who Doesn't Like This Movie?

From the intriguing plot to the absolutely stunning cinematography this movie gets fives across the board. I loved this movie. I don't even like Batman and I still loved this movie.


Excellent Boxset even better on blu ray steelbook

What i like about the steelbook is the detail on the book and the sleeve cover that comes with it also adds protection to the steelbook aswell.


Awesome Film...Just what any DC comics fan needs

It is a must have to complete any movie collection....great casting, direction and of course acting.




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