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Good graphics98% J'accepte

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Super Mario All-Stars/ Super Mario World

The Reason behind my purchase of this game was that it was simply a collection of some of my favorite games of all time. It's been years since the last time i played these games and i couldn't wait to experience what i felt back then. I love this game because it brings back that feeling of being a kid again and now my 4 yaer old daughter has become addicted to the games, just as i had when i was her age. It's definetely a classic and will continue to be passed down for many more years to come.Lire l'avis complet...


Best game ever

Classic SNES Mario and a NES Super Mario Bros as a bonus on this cart. Now with save feature.

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Great Game!

Selection of fantastic classic Mario titles in one cartridge for the SNES! Fun to play all the graphical remakes of classic NES Mario Bros. titles. Loads of nostalgia!

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Leaves a smile on my face, great game combo

Great game, it came clean (although didn't come in the box). The price is reasonable okay.
Having most of the older Mario games in one cartridge is convenient and fun.

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Love this game!

So happy I wss able to find this game. The shipping was very fast. The game is nice & clean. Works great thanks

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Great game, great purchase experience

Great game and graphics for being 20 + years old. Always fun to relive childhood memories with this!

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Great game at a great price!

Everyone that grew up with a Super Nintendo had these games (Super Mario World, Super Mario All Stars), and they've always been great games for those who love the italian plumber's platform based games. Later on, they were able to place both of these games onto one cartridge, which makes gaming even easier. Instead of having to change out cartridges to play one or the other, you can simply quit one and go to the next.Lire l'avis complet...


Great buy, but missing 1/2 the multiplayer functionality..

This is a great packaged deal and a must own for any Mario lover. I only give it 4/5 stars because they took away the 2 player option for the 1st and 2nd Mario games (which I originally bought this to play with multiplayer), although it is still available for SMB 3 and SMW. But on a more positive note, they have a save feature (if the battery isn't dead). So no more sitting down for a whole day to finish the damned thing! (SMB 1-3)Lire l'avis complet...


The Best Game Ever Created

This game is the best game ever created. I love this game and I play this game almost on a daily bases and I never get tired of playing this game.

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Exactly what I wanted

Ever since I got a 16-bit console that can play SNES and Super Famicom games, one of my goals was to get a CIB game for my collection. Usually they're pretty pricy, so I was surprised to find one at a great price! The game is fun (of course) and the box looks great on my game shelf!Lire l'avis complet...

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