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The Black Pearl May Be Cursed, But This Movie Isn't

When I first saw the commercials for this movie, I was skeptical. I figured it was just something based on the Disney ride - a standard pirate movie, with no substance. When I sat down and watched it, though, I was blown away and stood corrected. This movie has amazing detail, the costumes and scenes are amazing, there is a great mixture of drama/action/suspense and even comedy. There is even quite the twist in regards to the pirates of the Black Pearl - which is a ship by the way. The story is really good, I cannot stress that enough. If you think that this movie is gonna be really cute and standard Disney material, you're gonna be wrong - it's quite the gritty story. All the actors, especially Johnny Depp, do a great job with their roles. As I said, the costumes, the scenes and also the special effects are very well done. There is a lot of action too! Definitely a movie that everyone can watch, even kids; while some scenes may be a tad on the scary side, nothing is too scary for little kids to watch and enjoy. No wonder this movie was up for so many awards and had so many great reviews from professional critics - it's great! I can't wait to see the sequel!Lire l'avis complet...


very funny for a pirate movie.

i did not expect they would be able to include this much comedy in the movie!!! i expected "slap stick" humor (which if not well done is horrible) however it was not slap sticks at all. the humor was in the lines, and the jokes were all new, never heard before (i hate when i can name 3 other movies that did the same joke) ..... they do a good job at taking a mysterious roomer like take and turning it into an adventure holding you on the edge of your seat one second, and falling of it laughing the other.
the movie has a lot to the story line about pirates and curses, etc so please watch it if you like pirate movies, if youre like me and are not into pirate movies then enjoy this movie for its comedic value.
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An instant Disney hit!

I originally bought this for my mom about 5 years ago and she loved it to the point that she watched it several times a week. I agree, it was a great film then just as it is now. I had to buy my own copy because it's a movie that holds a great storyline, taking you from one exotic location to another and back to tie the story together.

Depp has a fantastic role as Jack Sparrow or rather, Captain Jack Sparrow. The character portraying a grunge-like appearance but with well timed wit, intelligence and skill. The graphics are well made and there is no loss of detail at any point. Disney made a huge hit and continued to make it with the two sequels.

You will be happy you bought this. It is worth so much more than what you will pay and will be a classic soon enough!
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Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl

Disney's 2003, 2 disc DVD Collectors Edition, Rated PG 13
Disc 1 running time 143 minutes
This is one the whole family will enjoy with Adventure and Excitement, it is Humorous and even Romantic! Adventure on the high sea really entices the senses for adventure. Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) plays a wonderful role of this mysterious, sometimes funny, charming pirate. His ship the Black Pearl has been stolen by Captain Barbosa (Geoffrey Rush). Captain Jack Sparrow finds himself stranded and jailed in a town called Point Royal. Here lives the govenor's beautiful daughter Elizebeth (Keira Knightly)and her childhood friend Will Turner (Orlando Bloom), whom she had rescued from the sea at an early age. Captain Barbosa and his crew attack the town and kidnap Elizabeth in hopes to remove the horrible curse put on them, living forever as the undead. Will teams up with escaped Jack Sparrow and the adventure escalates as they steal a ship called the Gauntlet. They race to save Elizabeth and Jack Sparrow's ship the Black Pearl. On their heels is the ship called the Interceptor, the Commodore at the wheel fighting for justice. Be prepared for some wonderful stunts and sword fights with a crew of the gory undead pirates. The Pirates Code finds new limits to reality!
Disc 2
This Disc consist of a main menu of areas to explore including deleted and alternate scenes, bloopers, history of pirates, diary of a pirate, diary of a ship and many more. Over 10 hours of special features. Unbelievable all it took to put this movie together! Well worth it!
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Johnny Depp!

I am a HUGE fan of Johnny Depps and honestly, I could not stand his character for a minute! The main reason I saw the movie was because Depp was in it and it really through me for a loop hen I saw his characters disposition. Now I know he hung out with Keith Richards to emmulate his disposition, but why would you want to? I gather the writers of the movie wanted Depps character to portray some kind of a rogue and that he did, but again, I didn't like the staggering drunk demeanor of Capt. Jack Sparrow.

The story, the scenes and graphics were excellent though! All the actors played the part perfectly so I give a thumbs up in that respect.

I'd recommend anyone to see this movie. I probably will wait for parts 2 & 3 to come on TV though as, I'm in no rush to watch the sequels.
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Absolutely Wonderful! Johnny Depp's best role yet!

I will never be able to look at Johnny Depp again without thinking of his unforgettable role as Pirate Jack Sparrow. His odd, drunken accent will stay in your mind for weeks. His superb acting ability draws you in completely making you believe he really is Jack Sparrow.

It is rare that DH and I find a movie we are both taken with ... but this one did it. We watched it twice in one week and laughed just as hard each time. This movie contains the perfect balance of action, adventure, comedy and romance (thankfully it doesn't have long, drawn-out love scenes).

I highly recommend this movie as it will whisk you away into the fiction world and keep you captivated from beginning to end!
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Worth buying because you will go back to it a few times

Many people focus on J Depp in reviews and all the well deserved hype around this movie, but there are so many elements outside of his character that warrant buying this dvd.

Tons of extras on the dvd, but you would expect that these days. Still not sold?

Funny, action packed, a bit scary in parts for some, and lots of tie ins with the actual ride in Disney (watch for them!)

There were very few flaws in this movie, I was pleasantly surprised at how much fun it was. Special effects were outstanding, but the overall background info on the key characters and buildup of the plot was done superbly.

Amazing how you start to cheer for a down on his luck pirate, cant wait for the next one!
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Probably the best of the 3

This is a great movie, and is definitely the best of the three. The story is deep and easy to follow with only a few plotholes, the acting is very good, and plus since this was the first one, it was a fresh new concept and wasnt overblown with special effects. It probably has the best and most original storyline of all 3, it didnt feel like it lasted forever like the others and wasnt filled with plotholes. It is slightly bloody and violent but that didnt stop them from throwing in cheesy, yet well timed jokes that will have you laughing each time you hear them.Lire l'avis complet...


Great action and a wild adventure.

Clearly Johnny Depp's best movie by far. With the special effects of the cursed pirates on the ship of the Black Pearl the skeleton like mates are dazziling to see but may scare the little ones a bit so you be the judge if they can or can not watch. Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley both give outstanding performances as the heroic Will Turner who is in love with the governer's daughter Elizabeth Swain. Johnny Depp plays the strange but entertaining Captian Jack Sparrow will have you thinking what on earth is he doing with his crazy ideas and charismatic babuling. The pirates aboard the Black Pearl are lead by Captian Barbosa { Geoffrey Rush} which are cursed to walk around as undead they cant feel or eat anything. They found the cursed gold of Cortez they spent it and the more they spent it the more undead they became. Captian Jack is after his ship, Will his after Elizabeth which the pirates abducted and Barbosa is just trying to break the curse to free his soul. Overall has to be one of the best if not the best pirate movie ever made. Come on Walt Disney presents it and the man who produced Pearl Harber,Coyote Ugly,Gone in 60 Seconds, and many more Jerry Bruckhiemer also does this one what more could you ask for.Lire l'avis complet...


Excellent family film

I watched this film when it was first on the big screen. Used to have a vhs copy in my home, and am now pleased to finally have a dvd copy replacing the tape. Excellent film!!.

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