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Sergio Leone's Final Masterpiece

This two disc Blu-ray is a must have. This set contains the European Theatrical Cut and Martin Scorsese restoration adding 40 plus minutes.

This film run time history is many cuts and tragic for the American theatrical run.

The film was shown at Cannes at it's original length, Sergio Leone knew he'd have to cut some, then the film was edited to the European Theatrical Cut and the Ladd Company in America whacked it to about two hours and making it incomprehensible. The Ladd Company took out most of the back story except for Robert DeNiro's character going to jail and put the adult section in chronological order. If this is the version you've seen, the two hour version, whether you liked it or hated it (especially if you hated it and like Leone you need to at least see the European Theatrical Cut) must see these versions.

For those that know the film, the extra scenes are not filler. The conversation Robert DeNiro has with the lady in the cemetery getting information is truly a scene that should not have been cut. Also at the end in James Wood's office in his house, however, I don't want to do a spoiler alert so I'll end here on that point.

Please note, there is a quality difference in the added scenes, so even if you have not seen it in awhile you'll know the added scenes to the European Theatrical Cut.

Also note, this is not the full Cannes cut, who owns what rights wise, or physical elements, all wanting too much money made that an impossibility. Martin Scorsese said he'd like to do a full restoration one day if all parties can come to an agreement but for now this will do.

Some of these sets even have a digital copy download but I think they are expiring soon (2018).

Grab this set while you can.
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Under-appreciated Film Classic

This film was a masterpiece as it is on Blu-Ray. What harmed this film more than anything was when it premiered in 1984 it was shown in the 2 1/2 hour version and there are those who still remember the reviews which called it "incomplete" and "lacking" because it was. In this sprawling epic form, it's easy to see what a rich tapestry of beauty, terror, and drama it is. Brilliant direction, engaging characters, and first-rate art direction and attention to period detail.Lire l'avis complet...

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One of Leone's 3 Masterpieces!!

First off...the Blu Ray version of the theatrical cut is fantastic. The picture is very crisp and a big step up from the DVD. I'm looking forward to watching the extended cut in the near future.
r>This film is one of the greatest crime dramas of all time! It deserves to be mentioned right along side its peers.(The Godfather, Goodfellas, Casino etc...) The story is very engaging and keeps you hooked during its entire run time(nearly 4 hours). I think Leone's decision to tell the story in a non-linear fashion was the right choice because it keeps the story fresh and gives it a mystical feel(almost dreamlike). The story can be complex at times and I recommend watching the film multiple times. With a stellar cast (Deniro, James Woods, Elizabeth McGovern, Joe Pesci), excellent direction and set pieces, interesting story, beautiful cinematography...this is a must see movie for any fan of classic film!Lire l'avis complet...

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Best Movie Ever Made

I was surprised when I got this version of the movie. Happy too because it has scenes I didn't know existed. Also it's bluray. This movie has some greats in it. Some of the best actors in their prime. It's set in Brooklyn and depicts some things that went on and weren't talked about. I miss seeing the Jewish people. Here in Fla we don't have the diverse population like good ol'Brooklyn has. It brings you back like no other movie can. Great directing and a wonderful story. It's always been my favorite. If you haven't seen this movie buckle up, get your drink close the curtains and get ready to be entertained like never before.Lire l'avis complet...

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Authentic scary movie!

This movie had the matching of a good story premise, great filming and to complete the package
a great musical score - will get you on the edge of your seat!!!! ******* Rating in my book!

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Possibly one of the better old time mobster movies!

Great movie that never really received a lot of hype. Everyone always compares movies to The Godfather and Goodfellas! Give this movie a shot you won't regret it!

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Greatest movie ever made.

Can't say much about it, just that Robert and James have never topped this movie in my opinion.
This is the best movie of all times.

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Straight up gangster nothing to mess with!

OG movie right here instant classic surprised it's not mention as much as goodfellas and casino it's right up there and pretty long as well.

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Great movie!

Great mob movie. Great performances by actors. Would definitely add this to your collection if you're into mob movies.

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great chracters and story

vey entertaining

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