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Nintendo is great again.

How can I put This? The device exceeded all of my expectations. It's so simple. So beautiful, so fun. This is as special as the experience of playing the super Nintendo and the Nintendo 64 for the first time, I always dreamed of the day a company would make a controller that you can take and play wherever you go. The wii u is what I had in mind but it's launch and run were a disaster in every single way. And the Wii as fun as it was and unique as it was fell far short of the competition, which had allowed Microsoft and Sony to take over the market and to an extent a generation. This Nintendo switch is a breakthrough revolutionary product in video gaming and there is literally nothing like it. The main complaint people have about the system is the game selection but I actually prefer these artists taking their time and making these games as good as they can be. The switch is a baby but will be able to obtain software updates and new content that will make your money well worth it. I cannot put into words how wonderful this video game system . It is to the video game world what the iPhone is to the cell phone world, and I know the children playing today will have an even greater experience than my did with previous Nintendo console. This is Nintendo's best ever system period. And i truly fell in love the very moment I held it in my hands. My suggestion is buy the neon red and blue version because it's just so much cooler than a plain boring grey one. Get a protective carrying case if you plan to go mobile. And just go get one immediately period. This is one spectacular device. And Xbox and PlayStation are now #2 & #3 in the video game world. Nintendo has once again re defined and revolutionized the possibilities of video gaming, and there is no question who has now taken the lead in breakthrough video gaming experience.Lire l'avis complet...

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The Nintendo Switch

Wow. Honestly I'm blown away by this thing. This is what I thought the Wii U was, but better. Nintendo consoles may not be the most powerful, but they are stunning, quality pieces of technology that can provide years of fun. The best part about Nintendo consoles by far is their games. They're the only company that produces Mario, Pokemon, and Zelda games. This console is portable, and can some games I've played on it look better than the ones I play on my PlayStation 4 and PC. The design makes the device look large, but it actually fits my hands quite well and doesn't feel big and bulky. It's certainly not that heavy either. Also the screen is a touch screen, which I didn't actually know when I bought it. Doesn't really do very much for me but it's there. The battery life is pretty good. I think the most odd thing about the switch is that you can't turn it off. There's sleep mode, but as long as the switch has some battery life left, it won't actually shut down completely (maybe they're spying on us). The joycons are surprisingly good to say the least. I wasn't expecting much from them but it's pretty cool how you can just take them off the console and give one to a friend or family member and play something together. I do not own a pro controller yet, but I think I'll prefer that over sliding both joycons into the little controller module type thing. I think the only bad thing about the switch is that its gets really loud and hot when docked. I was playing breath of the wild only to stop when I noticed how loud the fan was going inside the console, which had never happened when I was playing the game un-docked. Either way, the switch is great, and I definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a portable console or just loves Nintendo games.Lire l'avis complet...

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A Great New Gaming Console Concept

When the Nintendo Switch first came out, I was intrigued by the new concept Nintendo had just introduced. I didn't jump at the chance to buy one right away, but rather, decided to wait a little bit to see if my simmering excitement over the product was warranted. After almost a year of seeing many positive reviews and glowing praise over the new console, I decided to make the purchase!

I believe Nintendo has a winner here. There are so many ways to use the Switch, it's not surprising that so many people are buying this thing up! You can play it docked and displayed on the television set like a normal gaming console, you can undock it and play it in handheld mode, and you can also play it in "table-top" mode using its kickstand or an aftermarket stand! The entire system is travel-friendly and ready to play anywhere you go! Additionally, there are many aftermarket accessories to personalize your Switch and/or make it more functional.

The best thing I like about the Nintendo Switch (and something that I've always liked about Nintendo in general) is that the system and many of its games are family friendly! It's a great console to own if you want to have fun with family and friends! With everything else said about the new console, what more could you want in a gaming console other than that it can bring people together for fun, laughter, and a bunch of great memories!
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Excellent New-Age Machine!

For anyone who follows Nintendo and is loyal to their brand of video games this is a MUST HAVE! Game system is so lightweight and small you could barely even notice it's there, plugged into your TV! Graphics are a big step-up for Nintendo! And is the start for a new line of systems. Even though it still has the feature of motion-control software the Wii and Wii-U had, it's still a great feature for any game system. The Controller design is unlike anything I've seen. It does bear resemblance to the Wii remote and nunchuk, I love the feature of interchangeable joy-con controller colors. Neon red and Blue are my favorite... In short I'm well pleased with this system, can't wait to see what games lie in store for this machine! :DLire l'avis complet...

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Fun little console both for at home and on-the-go!

Console is surprisingly well made for the purpose it was designed for. Visually pleasing to look at, solid single-player library, and Nintendo's first party games on this thing run beautifully. Admittedly, their online subscription service is in need of some improvement concerning multiplayer connection compared to the Xbox and Sony competitors, which is the only reason why I'm docking a star off from the product.

The joy-cons also take a little getting used to, especially those who may have hands on the larger end such as myself. I did figure out how to use said joy-cons, but I think I will go the recommended route of getting a compatible controller for the system.

What made me buy the switch though was its pitch for being playable as a tv console and as a handheld. Did not try it on the television just yet, but from my experiences with the handheld, I am remarkably impressed. I took it with me for a weekend visit with family and playing on this while in the passenger seat made the experience a lot more tolerable. I think I got about 5 hours use of it in total when playing it in small half-hour sessions in between.

Overall, solid console, both at home and on-the-go. If you can get it at a good deal, go for it!
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Switch Today

I have always been a PlayStation fan since the day it came out. Nowadays PlayStation and Xbox are competing with similar products, while Nintendo is being unique. I was absolutely blown away by the Switch. It's a great home console and amazing as a mobile device. I wasn't sure what to expect when they first announced it, but it preceded my expectations. I will continue to buy a PlayStation and a Nintendo every generation, but the Switch is my new favorite.Lire l'avis complet...

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Great Fun

The switch is great console with a lot potential. i purchase with the new Zelda : Breath of the wild, which is an awesome game that adds new depths to the zelda series. The switch itself is makes a great handheld system or a capable traditional console. It's only downfall is it's battery life, but with its quick charging USB type C port that isnt really a big issue. Currently (Sept 2017) there is also a slightly small game library(compared to other consoles), which should be fixed within the year as a bunch of new games are in the works.Lire l'avis complet...

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Best Nintendo Console ever

Absolutely Fantastic. The users interface isn't so beautiful and easy to use. The console has so it's so much fun and has such potential for first party games and some amazing 3rd party games in development. You can play at home hooked to a TV or take it on the go and share it with friends for multiplayer mode. The option to split the controller and share it with you friend is wonderful. Yes the controllers are to small and for serious gamers you definitely need the pro Controller for a full and fun experience for occasional players, people that just wanna have some fun time on weekends with family the joy-con small controllers are perfectly fine and fun. I love it and so do my kids.Lire l'avis complet...

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Great potential

This console has great potential. At it's current state, not as much as I would like, however. It sure has some great titles, but it needs better exclusives like ssb ultimate, which is literally going to be released a year after the console was first made. In the beginning, it had great sales, but in actuality, people were buying them just to sell online, or because they got bored of them. This console needs some type of UMPH! to really push it besides the one seller (ssb ultimate).Lire l'avis complet...

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Great new product!

Great console/portable hybrid unit. Has decent graphics and seems like a quality Nintendo product. Only concern was it needed a screen protector and a case. Would like to see more games that are not ports after a year of release. All the current systems to date are exploitable so more features are going to be unlocked as the months pass.Lire l'avis complet...

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