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It was decided to break Kill Bill up into two parts instead of having a running time of four hours or more. It would also be interesting though to view KILL BILL as one entire film. I really enjoyed KB Volume 1 although I liked KB Volume 2 even more. This is because KB Volume 2 had much more character development, and the dialogue was even better I thought. In KB Volume 2 we also see how Beatrix Kiddo (Uma Thurman) learned to fight, and become a deadly renegade killer who uses a sword to seek revenge. The opening scenes take place at a wedding rehearsal where some assassins open fire on everyone. Beatrix survives while pregnant, and is then placed in a coma for years to come. The coma sequence is explained for in this film and can be seen in KB Volume 1. There is also a pretty long fight sequence in this film which involves a great confrontation inside a trailer home between Beatrix, and Elle Driver (Daryl Hannah). However there is far less action this time around which is not a problem because Quentin Tarantinos dialogue makes up for it. KB Volume 2 also introduces the character of Bill (David Carradine) who is the last one tracked down by Beatrix for attempting to have her killed. David Carradine has been in several films throughout his career, and I consider the character of Bill to be one of his finest performances. The same can be said for Uma Thurman on her performance. Quentin Tarantino was also a fan of Kung Fu movies, and it really comes across in this film. KB Volume 1, and 2 combined is Quentin Tarantinos 4th film as a director. You really do not even have to see KB Volume 1 to be able to follow KB Volume 2. There has been some discussion of KB Volume 3 which has the daughter Nikki seeking revenge against Beatrix for having killed her mother Vernita Green (Vivica A Fox). I would like to see that happen.Lire l'avis complet...


now for something completly different

seriously ?
people come to ebay to read reviews about these products ?
isn't that like going to the bakery and asking what kind of cut of beef is best ?
i think i'll go to the ymca and get their opinion on a book i want to read.
hey lets go to the movies i better go online to a sporting news site to find out what is good.
i made a bet on this yrs super bowl. went down to the preschool to find out what the spread was and who they thought was best.
well enough on this review i need to stop at hardware store for some sandpaper cause i gotta take a crap.

enjoy the movie y'all christoph waltz was great and tarantino one of the top 2 story tellers and directors of our generation.
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Part 2 of a Great Movie

I can't seem to get enough of this movie. A sword slinging avenging baby mama. How great is that. Watching on DVD was like an exciting water ride. Watching on Blu Ray is that same water ride.. only this time with the HUGE Splash at the bottom that gets everyone wet. Awesome!Lire l'avis complet...


Awesome revenge movie!

If you like Quentin Tarantino movies, this one won't disappoint! The Kill Bill movies get you all pissed off and ready for revenge.. very well corriagraphed and plenty of quirky lines Taratino is famous for.Lire l'avis complet...


Great Film

This is a great Quentin Tarantino film, it has great action with tons of blood, really great story, i highly recommend both of these films


Excellent to add to anybody bluray collection

Very good movie. My top 10 movies of all time. Cristal clear picture on bluray. A must have for any movie lover


Awesome Flick!!!

This movie is one of my favorites, however the resolution on my new LED tv with the blu ray sound system will blow your mind!!!


Get it if u wanna enjoy the film in latest technology!

The color and clarity not to mention sound are sooooooooo much better in Blue Ray. You'd love to see this!


Another Great

Love it! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Two Thumbs Up!!

Thank you very much as I will enjoy adding this to my cool & growing collection. I was watching this bluray for quite some time and waiting for it to get with in my affordable price range. It finally did!Lire l'avis complet...

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