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Great upgrade option!

I finally decided to update my old linksys router but didn't want to kill the bank doing it. This is a great option. Duel band Wi-Fi and very user friendly interface for setup. I am running many different devices including a 4k UHD and HD streaming Tv's, with a desktop pc, two laptops and two phones. I have not seen a hiccup or a slow down on any device! The Wi-Fi covers my 1300sq ft house with ease. I WOULD recommend this unit to anyone looking to update their home network.Lire l'avis complet...

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Does well with speed and coverage

I do have the longer antennas, so no issue with coverage and is really fast. The only problem I am having is, I have a small hard drive properly formatted and the router sees it, but the computer only sees the multimedia aspect of it. Even when accessing the multimedia, you have to enter user name/password when it is not set up in the console. There are other devices (not a laptop or desktop) which can see the external hard drive, but cannot access any of the files nor prompted for a user name password.

The previous smart router I had, also had the USB hard drive attached, and in the Windows network folder, the drive would appear in the top without having to map it. If I knew how to map it, I could try it.

Coverage is really good, but was hoping to take advantage of Network Attached Storage (NAS), I have not tried hooking a USB printer up yet, but we shall see if it works the way it is supposed to.
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Bad start with this one in AP mode, but finally got it to scream!
Cant remember the setting but one setting in AP mode was the difference between nothing and AWESOME!
Once I clicked the setting everything worked great. Great coverage and power. Fantastic speed on my 100Mb FIOS connection.
Love this AP.
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Great Performance for a Low Price.

The Asus RT-AC680 AC1900 wireless router is a very good middle of the road router to meet todays needs and those of the future. No it does not have new blazing speeds or MIMO technology but to be frank most home computers cannot handle them anyway. If your lucky you may have current wireless AC600 or AC1200 wireless technology and 10/100/1000 Ethernet connectivity and if you do this router will give you the performance you are looking for. It excels in LAN to LAN communications where ISP service limitations do not slow you down but if you are surfing the Internet blazing faster wireless technology is a waste of dollars spent. This router at under $130 is a great connection for your LAN to LAN and internet needs. I get 180Mbps reliably to Comcast with it with new Black Friday Laptop and max out the capabilities of my older 10/00/1000 and wireless networks with speed between 70Mbps and 172Mbps depending on adapter and computer vintage.. Its wireless coverage is more than adequate to provide a strong to excellent signal in both 2.4Ghz and 5.0Ghz bands in my small 2560 sq. ft. home including the 1200 sq. ft. basement. Before this router I tried using a Linksys WRT1900AC which did not reliably connect at AC600 or AC 1200 speeds on the 5.0Ghz band. This one does and its Web application is fairly easy to use to maximize the throughput of this router. It easily handles streaming video to three TV's a 4K feed thru Netflix and Xffinity feeds to other TV's and computers concurrently. I uninstalled the WRT1900AC and installed this RT-68U in its place and instantly saw the improvement in my networks performance without making any changes. Once I used the Web application to fine tune its performance the network is considerably better than when I had the WRT1900AC in place.

This one is a keeper.
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Replacement Wireless Router for Frontier Communications Actiontec Wireless

After some web research on wireless routers that can successfully run a VPN client configuration, I came across this particular model in that it wasn't overly expensive had the hardware guts to handle the load (2 processors) of handling encryption / decryption tasks while natively supporting onboard VPN client configuration out of the box with ASUS-WRT. Depending on which VPN provider you go with (I'm using PIA), configuration can take some doing but the fact that this device supports it off the shelf is great. Asus' admin interface is fantastic and feature rich. There is also the option of flashing to more advanced Merlin firmware which is based on ASUS-WRT so current settings are preserved, etc when upgrading / reverting. Performance-wise this thing is WAAAAAAY better than the Actiontec MoCA combo wireless router and turning it on showed vast coverage and signal strength improvement. Very pleased with this device - I can easily stream VUDU, NetFlix, etc from my SmartTV and it does everything I ask it to do with little effort. We have at least 14 devices hitting this thing and it hasn't so much as blinked yet. Of course if you have a larger family with several iPads, gaming consoles, smart TVs, computers and the like, you may opt for a more powerful Asus router but for my wife and I's needs, it's perfect. This is a quality product for sure.Lire l'avis complet...

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Works great in an AiMesh network.

I bought this router to use as a node on an AiMesh network with an RT-AC68U as a second node and an RT-AC3100 as the main router. The system works great and we always have an excellent signal anywhere in the house. I have Xfinity and a 1,000mbps download and a 35mbps upload connection and even though I could not get over 625mpbs running directly from the modem, I still have between 450mbps and 550mbps any where in my house when on 5G. I also have excellent connections with 2.4G, but not anywhere near the 5G speed, which was to be expected. My house is around 3,000 sq ft and I usually have at least a dozen devices connected.Lire l'avis complet...

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Great to set up AiMesh Network

I already had an Asus RT-AC88U router in my home. Bought this to create a mesh network using the new AiMesh technology that allows you to create a mesh network using Asus routers. It works perfectly.

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Still a great value

If you are not trying to run an insane high speed NAS (and even then) this router still is a great value in performance in spite of all the latest routers from other vendors. A simple search of the Internet will show you that this router is very high performance on the 2.4Ghz and 5.0Ghz bands. I run two NAS drives, one a 1GB RAID 10 and the other a 3GB media drive, and the performance is more than adequate. If you are looking for an incredible value the latest upgrade to this router even provides dynamic protection from Internet threats.Lire l'avis complet...

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I love my RT-AC68U routers with dd-wrt and worth the extra bucks inverted!

I have two Asus RT-AC68U w/dd-wrt in my home, in 2G doubles the speed of my past router, in 5G is incredibly 4 times faster than my past router. dd-wrt is very stable and provides very usable extras that other routers did not provide, for example 5G Speeds Wireless Bridge that keep fast speed. I love my routers with dd-wrt and worth the extra bucks inverted.Lire l'avis complet...

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Rock solid machine, reasonable cost.

I've got three of these routers and they are rock-solid machines. My favorite brand of home internet router hands-down.

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