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South Africa. Definitive Bird/Flowers Stamps. SG214+. 1962. MNH. TT5311,53 $C1 enchère3h 36m
Gibraltar. Queen Victoria Definitive Stamps. Used Condition. TT5373,08 $C0 enchères3h 34m
Mauritius. Bicent of French Revolution Stamp Set. SG818/821. 1989. MM. TT3014,65 $C
Falkland Islands. Definitive Stamps. SG146+. 1938. MM. TCV £52. TT49223,25 $C
Malaysia. Production of Proton Saga Car Stamp Set. SG319/321. 1985. MNH. TT6533,08 $C0 enchères3h 42m
India. Definitive Stamp Set. SG240/246. 1935. MNH. TT47024,80 $C
South West Africa. Definitive Pair Stamp Set. OPTD. SG131/133. 1945. MM. TT3514,65 $C
St. Lucia. Royal Wedding Stamp Set. SG144/145. 1948. MM. TT65613,95 $C
St. Helena. Aquatints & Lithographs Stamp Set. SG319b/331b. 1976. MM. TT4086,20 $C
Falkland Islands. Definitive Bird Stamps. SG193+. 1960. FU. #TT4123,25 $C
Malaysia. Melaka. Definitive Stamp Set with Corners. SG61/67. 1965. MNH. TT3216,20 $C
St. Vincent. Birds Stamp Set. SG285/300. 1970. LMM. TT42112,40 $C
Bahamas. Definitive Stamp Set. OPTD. SG162/175. 1942. MNH. TT22363,54 $C
Isle of Man. Christmas 1990 Stamp Set in Pairs. SG459/62. MNH. TT5273,08 $C0 enchères3h 16m
Grenada. Coronation Stamp Set. SG145/148. 1935. VLMM. TT65914,72 $C
Sarawak. Royal Wedding Stamp Set. SG165/166. 1948. MNH. TT65737,97 $C
Kenya. Sea Shells Stamps. SG36+. 1971. FU. #TT6310,07 $C
Australia. Soccer in Australia Limited Edition Sheet. OPTD. 2006. MNH. CE0527,12 $C
Trinidad & Tobago. Birds Stamps. SG837+. 1990. TT2639,30 $C
Alderney. Aircraft Stamp Set. SGA18/A22. 1985. MNH. TT5363,08 $C0 enchères3h 24m
Malta. Definitive Stamp. SG31. 1899. MM. #TT786,20 $C
Ascension. Definitive Stamps. SG21/29. 1934. MM. #TS60549,59 $C
Guernsey. Agriculture & Horticulture Stamp Set x 2. SG36/39. 1970. CTO. TT5291,53 $C0 enchères3h 22m
Guernsey. Birth Cent of Sibyl Hathaway in Blocks. SG287/291. 1984. MNH. SC7783,08 $C0 enchères3h 48m
Jersey. 175th Anniversary of Philippe d'Auvergne.SG539/44. 1991. MNH. TT5383,08 $C0 enchères4h
Isle of Man. "To Pay" Stamps in Blocks. SGD1/D8. 1973. MNH. #SC74213,95 $C
Malta. Definitives Stamps. Full Set. Unmounted SG266/82. 1956/58. MNH. #TS619100,74 $C
Guernsey. Queen Mother FDC Full Set of 10. Mint Condition. LC8516,18 $C0 enchères4h 4m
Guernsey. 50th Anniv of Air Service Set in Block of 4. SG84/88. 1973. MNH. SC7773,08 $C0 enchères3h 38m
Jersey. 50th Anniv of UNICEF Stamp Set in Pairs. SG732/37. 1996. MNH. TT5283,08 $C0 enchères3h 20m
Guernsey. Wild Flower set in Blocks. SG72/75. 1972. MNH. SC7793,08 $C0 enchères3h 54m
Jersey. 7th Island Games in Pairs. SG818/23. 1974. MNH. TT5323,08 $C0 enchères3h 26m
Jersey. Fungi Stamp Set with Tabs. SG644/48. 1994. MNH. SC7823,08 $C0 enchères4h 2m
Rwanda. Belgica 72' Exhibition Strip. SG479/81. 1974. MNH. LC8493,08 $C0 enchères3h 30m
St. Vincent. Leaders Eagle-Waslake, Phil Hill Sheets (perf & imperf). MNH. LC8483,08 $C0 enchères3h 52m
Guernsey. Renoir Painting Set in Blocks. SG118/121. 1974. MNH. SC7803,08 $C0 enchères3h 18m
Trinidad & Tobago. Flowers Stamps. SG636A+. 1983. TT26212,40 $C
Malaysia. Centenary of Railways Stamp Set. SG315/317. 1985. MNH. TT6524,63 $C0 enchères3h 44m
Gambia. WWF Abuko Game Reserve Stamp Set. SG356/59. 1976. MNH. #TS64219,37 $C
Isle of Man. Centenary of Salvation Army in Blocks. SG228/31. 1983. CTO. SC7763,08 $C0 enchères3h 28m
Trinidad & Tobago. Definitive Stamps. SG284+. 1960. Used/MM. TT3538,52 $C
Papua New Guinea. WWF Endangered Species Stamp Set. SG579/582. 1988. MNH. TT6515,04 $C0 enchères3h 46m
British Honduras. Definitive Stamps. SG179/90. 1953. FU. CV £30. #TS106122,47 $C
Germany. Berlin. Definitive Stamps. SGB136a+. 1956. LM. #TS20410,85 $C
Papua New Guinea. Aircraft Stamp Set. SG567/570. 1987. MNH. TT6506,18 $C0 enchères3h 50m
India. Gandhi Definitive Stamps. SG305+. 1948. Used. TT47113,17 $C
Cook Islands. Shells Stamp Set .optd O.H.M.S. O16/31. 1978. MNH. ETS29138,75 $C
Ascension. Turtles Stamp Set. SG171/73. 1973. MNH. #TT1266,20 $C

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I relocated to Wiltshire in December 2020, and rebranded to Tisbury Stamps. I have worked from Birmingham since 2004 on my other ebay site 'Myhobbys' that is still going strong for the Hobbyist Stamp Collector. Moving south has made the world of difference. I can now concentrate on the more collectable item for the more discerning client. In our Tisbury Stamps online store you will find fine quality and rare items for the person who would like to put an eye pleasing collection together. Specialising in British Empire and the British Commonwealth we have a beautiful range available. A trusted seller of Commonwealth and World Stamps. All UK shipping is FREE, with world shipping discounted and always keeping combined postage to a minimum, but it will also reflect the packing cost.
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